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As none of the sites like Gumtree, Preloved or eBay will allow even Special Edition bottlings of whisky on their sites you will find a few choice examples for sale here at very reasonable prices!

Email me by clicking the link below to buy a bottle of whisky or to make me an offer. Please do not use the Add to Cart buttons.

Shipping charges will be at cost. One bottle will be 11.00 on the Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day service. Only shipped within the UK.

Email: don@theoldmapman.com

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Cognac bottled about 1980
Remy Martin Petite Champagne

40% alc/vol, 68cl. Seal in place and contents up to the mark. With the Remy Martin brand this vintage 3 star (VS) cognac comes from the Petite Champagne area of Cognac.

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Ref e60499 : £42

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Scotch whisky bottled 1974
Dimple Haig

Please note that the label does not state the volume or ABV of this product. The bottling is from the early 1970s. This box has the note: Bought in 1974. Furthermore the bottle was bought from Hoverlloyd Duty Free, as the labels on the box testify, and the company closed in 1981. The box has a picture with a plastic cap but the actual cap is metal, which was phased out in the 1970s. As for volume, I have weighed the bottle and at 1663g it has to be a Litre. Those with 75cl bottles of the Dimpled bottle will be able to confirm this for themselves. Judging by the few other bottles for sale it may be 43% ABV but this cannot be confirmed. The bottle is covered by the famous copper wires although two of the wires have snapped. The contents are over the shoulder (see image). The box is in very good condition. A similar litre bottle is priced at 288 by a prominent dealer.

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Ref e60501 : £99

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There are 2 items in category Bottles of Whisky & Cognac on this page.

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